sunrise over tavy cleave viewed from Sharp Tor with heather in the foreground

Cleave Heather

Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor

The heavy dew the night before had soaked into the surrounding rocks and heather, really helping to bring out the natural colours present here. This photo really strike me as being typical of Dartmoor, heather in the foreground with an expansive view over the River Tavy flowing through Tavy Cleave. The heather in August really is beautiful although it is generally patchy on the western side of the moor. There is quite a lot of heather on eastern faces of Tavy Cleave Tors, which I tried to make the most of whilst camping. I have visited Tavy Cleave a couple of times since to try to shoot the Heather but either arrived too early or late for the heather, or not had good light.

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