Online Sessions

If you would like to improve your photography from the comfort of your own home, I am now offering 1-to-1 online sessions. There are three main areas that I can cover – Critiques, Portfolio Reviews and Mentoring, and Processing Lessons. You can read more about these four areas below. We can also discuss any other topics you like from shot planning to understanding weather and light to gear selection. All sessions are recorded and sent to you as a video after the session.

Video sessions are available on any platform but I suggest one of Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. You do not need a webcam (although its great if you have one) you do need a mic! All the details your require, including how to send files (if required) and the meeting details, will be sent to you once we have arranged a date and time - its very easy to arrange.

Sessions cost £40/hr up to 2 hours and can be booked at the bottom of the page.

Critique Sessions

Valuable constructive feedback can be hard to find online, so it is increasingly difficult for digital photographers to improve their craft. In a critique session I can offer my thoughts on your shot ideas, composition, technique and editing. In general, you should allow approximately 5 minutes per image. In a one-hour session I would expect to be able to discuss 10-14 shots in depth. This can be a useful process not only to review individual shots, but also to identify areas to work on. You can see some of the critiques I have offered for free to other photographers on my YouTube Channel but obviously the benefit of this session is it's live. You can ask questions, explain your thought process and and get as much as possible out of the time. It’s also private!

Portfolio Reviews and Mentoring

If you’d like to find more direction as a photographer, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and start to find your own voice then consider a mentoring session. This session will combine aspects of image critique with much broader consideration of your portfolio. The direction this session takes can largely be down to you but some things we could discuss are:

  • Shot selection – how to choose your strongest images
  • Analysis – how to review your images
  • Shot variety – showing your range of abilities as a photographer
  • Personal Style – what are you doing differently, why do your images stand out
  • Critique – what are you doing right? What are you doing wrong?
  • Progression – how can you move forward with your photography
  • Building a body of work – how to take images that go beyond ‘one shot wonders’
  • Producing a book of your work - how to go about the process

Processing Lessons

There are plenty of free online lessons teaching you how to process your images but the standard of these lessons varies greatly and it isn't tailored to your own needs. Learning on a 1-to-1 basis is much more efficient and will leave you with a much more complete skillset. I can help identify the gaps in your understanding, explain concepts which might seem hard to grasp or take you through a practical easy to learn workflow that allows you to achieve professional results. I work in Adobe Lightroom (or Adobe Camera Raw, ACR) and Adobe Photoshop. My personal processing style aims to acheive a realistic but beautiful result, showing the best aspects of the image to their full potential without drifting into the realm of fantasy edits!

Aside from the practical aspects of processing we can also discuss the often overlooked conceptual side: – What changes should we make and why? What is distracting? What white balance should we choose? How do I choose appropriate brightness/exposure and contrast? What should we enhance? How well do the colours work together?


A date and time can be arranged with me by using my contact form. I have almost total availability currently (May 20th 2020). Any time between 9am and 6pm GMT is fine.

photo of Alex Nail on a mountain in Scotland

Use the contact form to email me directly. I usually reply within 24 hours.

If you wish to email me via an email client then my address is alex(at)

Phone +44 (0)7884 472206


All sessions are £40 per hour. Each additional half hour is £20. If you wish to book a session longer than an hour just press the "add 30 minutes" button as many times as necessary. Multiple people can join the same session if you wish.