Dartmoor sunset on Pew Tor

Pew Tor Grasses

Pew Tor, Dartmoor

Pew Tor is not a location I knew well prior to this photograph. This is one of my favourite images shot on a day that started out looking completely hopeless. I had been stuck inside for almost a month with persistent rain through the summer, completely unable to get out onto Dartmoor, and on this particular day I decided to  photograph the local overflowing river. On my way home I noticed a small gap on the horizon and ran up a hill to make sure. From then on it was all about cycling to Pew Tor as fast as I possibly could to be in time for sunset! Many of my shots are planned in advance but this shot, one of my strongest compositions, was found at the time. To me this sums up the majesty of Dartmoor. I have made many visits since to Pew Tor, but its unlikely I will get an amazing sunset like this again.

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