Photo taken at Great Staple Tor, West Dartmoor

Dartmoor Milky Way

Great Staple Tor, West Dartmoor

In the summer the Milky Way rises a little bit higher into the southern and eastern sky as seen from Dartmoor allowing a brief window of opportunity to look towards the center of the galaxy, as seen to the right of this image. The light pollution from Plymouth and Princetown isn't ideal, but it does help to reveal one of the most striking silhouettes to be found on Dartmoor. This was taken during a 'wild' camp on Staple Tor on a warm but windy evening. The blue in the sky to the right of the image continued through the night as the sun moved below the horizon. This image was taken at just a few minutes after midnight. The smudge you see to the left is the Andromeda Galaxy and the section of Milky Way shown is (approximately) from Cassiopeia on the left to Sagittarius on the far right. This is without a shadow of a doubt the best night I have ever spent on Dartmoor!

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