Photo taken at Cox Tor looking towards Brentor

Brentor, Castle in the Sky

Cox Tor looking towards Brentor

A few years ago, standing on the western flank of Cox Tor, overlooking the mist shrowding western Devon, I realised that this image was possible. At the time the mist was more of a veil than a sea and Brentor was clearly visible, but it was obvious that with thicker mist Brentor Church could potentially be left on its own surrounded by white. I'd love to say that I revisited the spot over and over in the hope of capturing this magical moment, but in truth, like many of my photographic ideas, this shot was forgotten. My first opportunity to shoot mist in 2013 came on the first weekend of June. I was up at 3.30am and soon driving up to the moor see where the mist lay. Looking across to where Brentor should have been I saw nothing but a sea of white and set up in anticipation of the great reveal. It came just moments later with first the top of Brentor Church revealing itself and then the whole hill. It was a very exciting 30 seconds!

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