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Image Review with Joe Cornish

Key Information


29 Feb 2024


2-3 hours

Group Size:

6 clients


£120 (£120 Deposit)

What to Expect

This session will take place in the evening at 7pm over Zoom and is co-lead by Joe Cornish and myself. In depth feedback has become increasingly hard to find online. This group workshop aims to progress your photographic understanding though detailed image reviews, critiques and discussion. In the group setting you will get feedback not only on your own images but on those of other group members. We will attempt to cover a range of aspects of creativity, approach, composition, technique and image editing. Joe and I share some similarities in our work, but we have also found plenty of differences in how we approach photography and what we look for in images. Group members will also also have the opportunity to offer their own perspectives.


The session will take place on Thursday the 29th February at 7pm on Zoom. It will last for between 2 and 3 hours. An invite link will be sent out prior to the session requesting your images. We suggest sending approximately 5 images (edited and RAWs preferably) from which we will select 3 to discuss during the session. This will allow us to select a diversity of images across the group that will allow us to talk about a range of subjects. The session will be recorded.


The price of the session is £120 and full payment is due to make your booking. Payments are processed via Paypal.

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