Castell y Gwynt in Snowdonia under a dramatic sky

Earth and Sky

Castell y Gwynt, Snowdonia

I went on this trip to snowdonia with another photogrpaher, Guy Richardson. Guy and I debated whether we should actually make the hike up the mountain since it was very windy and overcast at the bottom. We decided to head up anyway in the hope of getting lucky and we are glad we made the effort.

Castell y Gwynt translates to 'Castle of the Wind' and when I was up there it was easy to understand why, with the wind at around 50mph. To get here I actually had to run along the ridgeline in order to arrive in time for the sun to hit the break in the clouds. Its not the first time that running has saved the day!

Shortly after taking this shot I was enveloped in cloud which made finding guy a little more tricky as he was over at Glyder Fawr a mile or so away. Fortunately it wasnt a problem 

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