A full double rainbow over a group of trees in scotland.

A World within a Rainbow

Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Although I have often been out in amazing light there are only 10 or so images in my gallery that I think are totally unrepeatable. This is one of them. This was and still is the best rainbow I have ever seen and it came at the end of one of the worst days I have ever photographed in! This was taken on a trip to the Isle of Skye with friend and fellow photographer Guy Richardson. Whilst we had average or bad weather whilst we were there we did have moments of nice light. This day was such a terrible washout that we decided to head to Neist Point and stand in the full force of the wind and rain, which was actually quite fun. On our way back the clouds started to break up and feint rainbows appeared. Guy was driving whilst I looked out for a promising scene to photograph with a potential rainbow. Seeing this group of trees from the side of the road, with the rainbow still very weak, I told Guy to pull over. I sprinted through 50m of bog up over a fence and set up my camera with the rainbow framing the trees. No sooner was I set up than the rainbow burst into life. I doubt I will ever have another shot that falls into the 'making the most of an opportunity' category more than this. It remains one of my very favourite image. I hope I will have a similar opportunity again!

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