Meal Meadonach from Suilven before sunrise with a crescent moon overhead

Meall Meadhonach

Suilven, Assynt, Scotland

Meall Meadhonach is Suilven’s twin peak, just slightly lower in attitude but certainly no less impressive. Indeed its spire like symmetrical shape makes it an excellent subject for photography. The mist drifting below beneath the mountains, the blue sky of early dawn and the crescent moon hanging over the peak of Meall Meadhonach give this image a unique almost mystical atmosphere that would be hard to repeat. The night preceding this image was one of the most worrying I have ever spent outdoors. Shortly after setting up camp on the summit of the mountain in calm conditions, the wind turned and stiffened. Two hours later and a 5mph easterly had become a 30mph gusting 50mph southerly. Needless to say my tent was being put through its paces and my earplugs did little to silence the violent flapping of the flysheet. I had to get up in the middle of the night to reset the guylines and it’s an experience I hope I will never repeat! Nevertheless the views of Meall Meadhonach and Assynt from Suiliven were more than worth the trouble!

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