panoramic view from Sgurr na Laocainn

Fisherfield Vertigo

Sgurr na Laocainn, Fisherfield, Scotland

People with a fear of heights (Acrophobia apparently) should stay well away from the Letterewe Wilderness and particularly the view from Sgurr na Laocainn. The best viewpoint from the summit came with a spinning sense of vertigo. On a number of occasions I caught myself feeling dizzy and rapidly retreated from the edge. The views came with excitement, wonder and a healthy dose of caution, fortunately it wasn’t that windy!
The view down to Carnmore, a small house at the bottom of Carn Mor from Sgurr na Laocainn is essentially an aerial one. Watching the occasional person walk the path below gives a real sense of scale. From the viewpoint you have a panoramic view to A' Mhaighdean over Dubh Loch and Fionn Loch and out to see. The scene here is a 180 degree panorama! Around sunset the light escaped beneath the cloud to give a glancing red light to the landscape below. Dramatic rainclouds hung overhead and I sat there watching the showers pass, fortunately none hit me.

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