menacing clouds hang over A' Mhaigdean

Dark Skies of Letterewe

Letterewe Wilderness, Fisherfield, Scotland

There is always something left in the tank when I can see a good shot is possible. When light began to strike the summits of A'Mhaighdean and Ruadh Stac Mor I knew I didn’t have that much time. I wolfed down my dinner (noodles) and ran the 500m or so downhill to a collection of pools I had photographed earlier. Out of breath and feeling rather hot (despite the cold temperatures) I set about reframing the shot just as light hit the summit and the ridges to the south. The dark cloud behind the mountain added to the sense of drama. Although the scene was somewhat foreboding we were lucky with the weather and didn’t have a drop of rain all evening.

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