Azure waters of Forsfjorden in Lofoten

Tropical Lofoten

Forsfjorden, Moskenesoya, Lofoten, Norway

The crystal clear azure waters of Lofoten's Fjords (Forsfjorden shown here) look absolutely stunning in the sunshine. Where there is shallow water and light sand beneath the colour is fantastic. We were blessed on our first few days with almost no wind to disturb the water making the conditions absolutely ideal for this kind of shot. The walk down to this location wasn't hugely challenging in a technical sense, but finding our way along the boulder strewn coast of the fjord took ages and we were eaten alive by midges. At one point we realised that it had taken us an hour to walk 200m! We actually met an old Norwegian man on the way down to the fjord who told us to go a different way because the route through the boulders was difficult. He wasn’t wrong but I never would have captured the image had I taken his advice!

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