Krakhammartinden with red sunset light in Lofoten, Norway

Crack Hammer

Krakhammartinden, Lofoten, Norway

Emma and I fondly refer to this peak as Crack Hammer, but it's real name is Krakhammartinden (tinden meaning peak). Looking at a map of Lofoten it is evident that there are numerous sheer rock faces and unhikable peaks and Krakhammartinden is no exception! We set up our camp directly beneath the rock face so were had the peak towering over us for quite some time. Its geology reminded me strongly of images I have seen of the Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, but this peak is admittedly a bit smaller! The light coming through the cloud toward sunset was colourful and dramatic, close to my favourite lighting conditions and a very exciting experience given the location. It funny to think that were it not for our tired legs we would have been camped far from here and I would have missed the opportunity.

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