Photo taken at Nationalpark Gesäuse, Styria, A

Hochtor Sunset Panorama

Nationalpark Gesäuse, Styria, Austria

After the heat of the previous days an afternoon thunderstorm brought some welcome cloud and much cooler air. Emma and I actually beat the predicted time to the summit on the signpost at the start of the trail. That was the only time we managed it in Gesause, but it was also the only hike we did without blistering sunshine!
Since I had imagined us arriving a whole hour later than we did Emma and I had a nice relaxed dinner on the top of Zinodl whilst I constantly harped on about my hopes for sunset. I have to say, seeing a gap on the horizon a full 2 hours before sunset didn't half give me itchy feet!
When the sun finally made its way to the horizon I had a good 10 minutes or so of lovely light. It was probably my favorite part of the trip.

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