Resize and Sharpen for Web v5

In Tutorials On Friday, June 30, 2017

I’ve just updated my free resize for web photoshop action. The update adds a few sizes (particularly for Instagram and 4K screens) and removes some lesser used sizes.
There are many resize actions and scripts out there that do similar things but my action is preferred by many professionals because of its simplicity. Simply select the output size and press play. You can change the amount of sharpening by altering the layer opacity or modifying the mask. The result should be a far better sharpening result than the photoshop tools provide on their own – fine details are particularly well rendered.
Here is the new Resize for Web sharpening action:

Download: Resize and Sharpen for Web v5

Why professionally sharpen your web images?

Photographs are increasingly viewed and purchased for online use. With print media continuing to decline it is increasingly important that your images look great on the web. Unfortunately in displaying your images on the internet they often lose their impact and lack the fine details of the original photograph. This action outputs razor sharp images in sRGB perfect for web display.

Create your own sizes

If you would like to create your own sizes there is an action explaining how this is achieved (just press play to see the dialogue). It’s a quick and easy process thanks to the intermediary steps I have already created.

Add customisation

If you want to apply a change to all the actions then just record into the ‘Optional Customisation’ action. You may wish to use this to add a watermark to your images or even to ‘Save for Web’ to a file on your hard drive.


  1. Thank you Alex! Im using your sharpening action for years and cant be more happy to see the update

  2. Mahmoud Rashad 1st July 2017

    Exactly like Kate said I’ve been using your action fir along time since you created and now I will be very happy to update it.
    Really so thanks Alex

  3. John Horner 2nd July 2017

    Hi Alex,
    Is it ok if I share a link to this on our camera club Facebook page? (Richmond Camera Club)

  4. Hey Alex! I really loved this action and used it for years!
    But unfortunately, v4 and v5 don’t resize anymore.. I use Photoshop CC 2017 and reset all settings to default, but that didn’t help. Do you have any advice on this?

    Thank you very much!

    • I can only assume this is a language issue since I havent experienced the problems you have and I use the same version! Sorry about that

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this Alex – it’s really awesome and has helped me figure out how to best display photos online. It was always a bit hit and miss in the past so this has really improved my approach.

    I see you’re just down the road from me in Bristol, nice to see your photographic adventures – incredibly inspiring!

  6. Hi Alex – I came across your actions after trying to solve some issues when uploading my image to the web after processing on a 4K laptop monitor. They have been too crunchy, oversharpened. When looking at your action, should I select the final web size near the top of action, or the 4K option lower down in the action?

    Thanks, Harry

    • Hi Harry,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. The desirable amount of sharpening will depend on how sharp (and sharpened) the image is in the first place. I only ever sharpen at output, either for web or for print so sharpening isn’t ‘baked in’ to the files that I am applying the action to. The current settings work well on my 5DSR, perhaps it’s slightly too strong sometimes. Try changing the opacity of the layers until you have a degree of sharpening which suits your taste. Thanks, Alex

  7. I am having a problem – it has downloaded and is there in the list of actions – how do I get it to run? using Photoshop CC.



  8. Excelente acción.

  9. Hi Alex.

    Got a link to this action from a Michael Shainblum tutorial, but the file doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Is it unavailable to download?



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