Photoshop Shortcuts for Photographers

In Tutorials On Saturday, January 13, 2018

Below I’ve compiled a graphic (for both Windows and Mac) showing my most commonly used shortcuts. I come from a landscape photography background but these shortcuts should be useful to those working in other genres as well.

Learning these shortcuts will save a lot of time. Whilst it might seem tedious at first it will soon repay the investment. The masking shortcuts in particular will allow you to paint or modify layer masks relatively efficiently.

Photoshop Shortcuts for Windows (Click to open full res image)

Photoshop Shortcuts for Mac (Click to open full res image)

Here are the shortcuts I have proposed laid out in text form should you wish to simply print the text versions. This are the Windows shortcuts, but to change them to Mac just replace Ctrl with Cmd.

General Shortcuts

Ctrl + X : Cut

Ctrl + C : Copy

Ctrl + V : Paste

Ctrl + S : Save

Ctrl + Z : Undo

Ctrl + Alt + Z : Step Backwards in History (repeatedly undo)

Movement Shortcuts

Ctrl + + : Zoom in

Ctrl + : Zoom out

Space  : Hold and mouse click to move with hand tool.

Masking Shortcuts

B: Brush

09: Set the brush opacity between 10% and 100%

[  : Smaller Brush

] : Larger Brush

Shift + [ : Softer Brush

Shift + ] : Harder Brush

Ctrl + I : Invert

X : Switch Foreground and Background Colours


Other Shortcuts:

Ctrl + T: Free Transform

Ctrl + J: Duplicate Layer

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  1. Thanks for sharing the shortcuts of photoshop, Alex. Now it would be much easier to work on photoshop and time savvy also!

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