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Greenland Pt.3 – Packrafting

A week into the trip we were both starting to hit our stride. Whilst the photographic conditions had yet to become spectacular we had nonetheless enjoyed fine weather and awe-inspiring scenery. Under cloudy skies we had a lazy start, heating […]

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Greenland Pt.2: Klosterdalen

River crossings, mosquitoes, bog, hard scrambling and impenetrable trees – Klosterdalen was the hike from hell but the landscape was magical.

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Greenland Pt.1: Tasermiut Fjord

“IS THAT YOUR BOAT ?!?!” exclaimed Harsharn as we watched a tiny red speck bobbing in the vastness of Tasermiut Fjord. It was, and it was moving away fast, caught by the fjord wind. Panic hit and I started racing downhill.

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Iceland, Langisjor Pt.2

The walk back from Langisjor was unexpectedly stunning. Despite mostly grey skies we enjoyed a fantastic couple of days on one of the most enjoyable sections of trail in Iceland.

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Iceland, Langisjor Pt.1

Langisjor, a 30km lake in the Icelandic Highlands is one of the world’s most beautiful and remote landscapes. I led a group of four photographers through this remarkable wilderness in the ‘summer’ of 2015.

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Packrafting in Iceland

If I had to pick a favourite day in Iceland this cloudy hike up Skalli and packraft down the Jokulgilskvisl would be right up there!

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Canon 5DSR Review for Landscape Photography

This is an in depth review of the Canon 5DSR for landscape photography with a focus on image quality. I’ve decided to write the review as a series of questions that people might have so that I can really get […]

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The Photographer Who Cried “Truth!”

Reality is an important topic in photography and it is discussed almost endlessly. It’s a fascinating and divisive subject amongst photographers. It’s also incredibly complex to discuss, full of perceptions and blurred lines. “What is real?” is an intrinsically difficult […]

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A’Mhaighdean – Winter in May

A’Mhaighdean is Scotland’s most remote Munro and, whilst hard to reach, offers awe-inspiring views. In May of 2015 I lead a couple of photographers in a backpacking trip through The Great Wilderness.

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Greg wins Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Greg joined our workshop group on a hike through the Icelandic Highlands last year and an image he took towards the end of the trip has won him the title ‘Outdoor Photographer of the Year’! If you would like to […]

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