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Photoshop Shortcuts for Landscape Photographers

Below I’ve compiled a graphic (for both Windows and Mac) showing my most commonly used shortcuts. I come from a landscape photography background but these shortcuts should be useful to those working in other genres as well. Learning these shortcuts […]

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Resize and Sharpen for Web v5

I’ve just updated my free resize for web photoshop action. The update adds a few sizes (particularly for Instagram and 4K screens) and removes some lesser used sizes. There are many resize actions and scripts out there that do similar […]

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Processing Example – Mweni

Overview I recently edited the below image to print to 60 inches and hang on my living room wall. I realised it was a good showcase of my workflow and thought processes. This is intended as a general look at […]

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Resize for Web v4

EDIT: Within 7 hours of posting this someone pointed out that the 900px action actually resizes to 1000px! This has now been fixed, but you may wish to download to action again, sorry! Many photographers professional and amateur alike currently […]

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Photographing the ‘Super Moon’!

If you are the planning type of landscape photographer then you might be interested to know that the upcoming full moon is a ‘super moon’ and, for those of you who have ‘real jobs’ it also falls on a weekend! […]

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FAQ #1 – Colour, Shutter speed, Aperture

I get questions from other photographers from time to time asking me anything from what camera to buy to how to take an image. I thought it might be useful to post them up here, or at least I might […]

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sharpening comparison

Resize and Sharpen for Web

Sharpening your photos for the web is important if you want to display your photos at their best. Sharpening reveals details of an image more clearly and can give a professional finish to your images. The process used below is a more advanced web sharpening method that produces, in my opinion, the best results possible. It’s a largely automated resize and sharpen process, but the results are outstanding and should give you web images that little bit extra.

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Sun sets on Pew Tor

Digital Saturation with the Channel Mixer

Digital Saturation – Saturating Photos with the Channel Mixer! Saturation is a necessary evil in digital photography. If you are shooting RAW there is no way around it. If you want to get the rich saturated images that were possible […]

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