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Time-lapse – Scotland – The Big Picture

I’m proud to be part of the Scotland ‘The Big Picture’ team – a group of photographers and film makers promoting the case for a wilder Scotland. Through my travels I have been privileged to experience a range of landscapes […]

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The Photographer Who Cried “Truth!”

Reality is an important topic in photography and it is discussed almost endlessly. It’s a fascinating and divisive subject amongst photographers. It’s also incredibly complex to discuss, full of perceptions and blurred lines. “What is real?” is an intrinsically difficult […]

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Greg wins Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Greg joined our workshop group on a hike through the Icelandic Highlands last year and an image he took towards the end of the trip has won him the title ‘Outdoor Photographer of the Year’! If you would like to […]

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Resize for Web v4

EDIT: Within 7 hours of posting this someone pointed out that the 900px action actually resizes to 1000px! This has now been fixed, but you may wish to download to action again, sorry! Many photographers professional and amateur alike currently […]

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Planning the Fisherfield 6

I’ve had a hat trick of successful photography trips this year, Scotland then Iceland then Lofoten, with almost unbroken sunshine on every trip. With that in mind I am certainly due some bad weather and what better time to put […]

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