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Processing Example – Mweni

Overview I recently edited the below image to print to 60 inches and hang on my living room wall. I realised it was a good showcase of my workflow and thought processes. This is intended as a general look at […]

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The Photographer Who Cried “Truth!”

Reality is an important topic in photography and it is discussed almost endlessly. It’s a fascinating and divisive subject amongst photographers. It’s also incredibly complex to discuss, full of perceptions and blurred lines. “What is real?” is an intrinsically difficult […]

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Canon Custom Modes (C1, C2, C3) for Landscape Photography

I just asked a question on Twitter to two 5DmkII users as to whether they use the custom modes. I was surprised to hear them both say no. One said “I don’t use them, never needed to…..I think” – that’s […]

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Pricing for Magazines

I know pricing is this ‘dark art’ that nobody talks about and consequently many photographers have no idea what the going rate is for images. Moreover, lots of photographers give their images away for free as if it’s the done […]

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Carrot vs. Stick

Running up Pew Tor at 5.45 on Sunday morning desperate to reach the top before the red light disappeared from the sky I was being pushed forward by the fear of failure. Nearly all of my photography trips are built […]

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Tavy Cleave reflection

Tavy Cleave – Dartmoor Locations #2

Tavy Cleave is one of Dartmoor’s finest landscape photography locations. A beautiful river with numerous rapids and towering tors above. This is not a location to miss!

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Wild Camping and Landscape Photography

Wild camping offers many benefits to the landscape photographer. I have wild camped many times in Dartmoor, Snowdonia, Scotland and Iceland, and I am yet to regret a single trip. Not only have these trips been great experiences, they have […]

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Mist surrounding Staple Tor

Staple Tor – Dartmoor Locations #1

The first of my Dartmoor Locations series, I will be covering the enigmatic Staple Tor. The article covers how to get there, what to shoot and some common pitfalls. I also share a number of my favourite images of Staple Tor.

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