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Drakensberg Nov. ’18 pt.2

Ever since my first visit to the Mnweni Valley I’ve been planning to return for an extended trip. Finally in the early Drakensberg summer of 2018 I planned a trip and invited a couple of South Africans along, Janik Alheit […]

Drakensberg Nov. ’18 pt.1

In the spirit of my last blog post I thought I would put up a quick review of a couple of weeks I spent in the Drakensberg this November/December.  The first week of the trip was a new workshop going […]

Iceland 2018: A Brief Review

Iceland was awesome this year! I know that sounds like some terrible marketing pitch for my workshops WHICH ARE OPEN FOR BOOKING IN 2019! (see what I did there) but this year just worked out great. I’ve thought about blogging […]

NORTHWEST Book Blog #1: The Images

In early 2015 on a hiking workshop in The Great Wilderness, I first voiced an idea that had been rattling around my head for some time to my hiking companions Sean and Harsharn. I wanted to make a book of […]

Backpacking & Photography Pt.2 – Camera Equipment

If you are reading this article you probably have a camera already – you don’t need to buy a new one. Don’t spend £1000+ to save a kilogram on your back; that’s crazy when you are starting out! With that […]

Backpacking & Photography Pt.1 – Why?

Wild camping is a fundamental part of my approach to photographing mountain and wilderness areas. I have camped in a wide variety of landscapes from the snow covered Scottish Highlands, to the high Drakensberg Escarpment. Without exception these trips have […]

Scottish Landscape Photographer 2017 Runner-Up

Apparently this is my year! I just came overall runner-up in the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017. Whilst many awards can be won by one ‘killer’ image this is a portfolio award and that does mean something to […]

ITN Interview

On the back of winning the mountain category at the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017, I was contacted by ITN to see if I would be interested in doing an interview for the evening news. It was obviously […]

International Landscape Photographer – Mountainous Award

I’m excited to announce that I won the ‘Mountainous’ category in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards. After several years of falling in and out of love with competitions it’s great to get a bit of recognition. As […]

Photoshop Shortcuts for Photographers

Below I’ve compiled a graphic (for both Windows and Mac) showing my most commonly used shortcuts. I come from a landscape photography background but these shortcuts should be useful to those working in other genres as well. Learning these shortcuts […]

Drakensberg – Winter in Summer

Topping up the fuel of my hire car in Bergville I was keen to get inside and buy a cool drink. I checked the temperature gauge – 37 Celsius. Inside in the air conditioned building I picked up a guava […]

Senja – A Packraft Loop in Norway

It’s noon on Day 3 of a packrafting route in Senja, Norway, and I’m tent-bound with Harsharn. Wind and rain have been battering the tent for the last 20 hours. Pools have formed around us and a small stream is […]