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Wild Camping and Landscape Photography

Wild camping offers many benefits to the landscape photographer. I have wild camped many times in Dartmoor, Snowdonia, Scotland and Iceland, and I am yet to regret a single trip. Not only have these trips been great experiences, they have […]

Staple Tor – Dartmoor Locations #1

The first of my Dartmoor Locations series, I will be covering the enigmatic Staple Tor. The article covers how to get there, what to shoot and some common pitfalls. I also share a number of my favourite images of Staple Tor.

sharpening comparison

Resize and Sharpen for Web

Sharpening your photos for the web is important if you want to display your photos at their best. Sharpening reveals details of an image more clearly and can give a professional finish to your images. The process used below is a more advanced web sharpening method that produces, in my opinion, the best results possible. It’s a largely automated resize and sharpen process, but the results are outstanding and should give you web images that little bit extra.